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"The music of José Zárate is a perfect reflection of the world in which we live and are full of beauty and everyday sensuality. Zárate is undoubtedly a key composer and his music is an ajar gate flanked by tradition -figurative- and progress -abstracted and exquisite-. Its great value lies in the effort he has made to project himself towards the universal, in order to reach as much of the public as possible. His musical language is committed, in itself, to being understood: and speaks clearly and educates. The inspiration of Zárate’s music comes from the sentiments he perceives from the World, which it is for him, in the very first moment of creation, its starting engine." 

Salvador Salort, Director of the Detroit Institute of Arts (USA):






Music Sales Classical Editorial

ZÁRATE: Orchestral works


         SCENIC MUSIC        

                                                Ioseph ab Arimathia / Monodram in 7 scenes for actor & symphonic orchestra (2222/32303/perc/str)


                                            Trinoceria / Opera in two acts (Text in English)

                                            Egeria / Ballet for three dancers and two pianos  



                                            Cántico espiritual / Soprano, Mezzo, Baritone, choir mixte & symphonic orchestra



                                            Variaciones Sinfónicas / Bassoon & symphonic orchestra

                                            Concierto / Piano & chamber orchestra

                                            Concierto de San Fernando / Guitar & chamber orchestra

                                            Canción de Mo / Accordion & symphonic orchestra

                                            Pequeño concierto autorretrato  / Clarinet en B b & string orchestra

                                            Nocturno de soledad / harp, guitar & string orchestra

                                            Violinesca / Violin & symphonic orchestra

                                            Viola concerto / Viola & symphonic orchestra




                                            Nana de la espiga / Symphonic orchestra

                                            Madreliana / Symphonic orchestra

                                            Alonso de Quijada / Symphonic orchestra (2+pic.2+ca.2+bcl.2+cbn/


                                               Alonso de Quijada / Symphonic orchestra (2(pic)2.2.2/


                                            Cuatro piezas de Trinoceria / Symphonic orchestra

                                            Nocturne of red water / Symphonic orchestra (2+pic.2+ca.2+bcl.2+cbn/


                                            Concierto breve para orquesta / Symphonic orchestra (2(pic)2(ca)22/4230/3perc/str )


                                            Two Oriental songs from Spain / Symphonic orchestra



                                            Gabon  . / String orchestra (

                                            Sanchesca -  / String orchestra

                                            Cinco piezas breves / String orchestra



             FULL CONCERT BAND

                                            Pieza roja  / Full concert band


             VOCAL MUSIC

                                            Ego flos campi (Vulgata) / Choir mixte

                                            Zacharias (Vulgata) / Choir mixte

                                            Lamentatio quarta (Vulgata) / Choir mixte

                                            Cantus solitudinis . / Choir mixte

                                            Regina Cæli / Choir mixte

                                            Stabat Mater / Choir mixte

                                            Caído se le ha un Clavel / Choir mixte

                                            Dos nanas para un Niño Dios / Choir mixte

                                            Cuatro cantos al Niño / Children choir

                                            Dorm .  / Children choir

                                            Introitus . / Children choir

                                            Lament of hunger / Vocal quartet

                                            Orationes / Soprano, Mezzosoprano & Alto

                                            Bagatellea di notte / Mezzosoprano solo

                                 Trois nocturnes par la mort de Dieu / Baritone solo

                                            Cinco nanetas / Mezzosoprano & piano

                                            Cántico / Soprano &  piano

                                            Kamarazene VI "Canto amado" / Soprano, Bb clarinet & piano


             CHAMBER MUSIC

                                             Fantasía / Viola & piano

                                            Cahier d´Amiens  . / Flute & guitar

                                 La casa roja / Reading, G flute, violin, violoncello & piano

                                 Narciso / Wind quartet

                                            Cuarteto de Cuerda n.1 / String quartet

                                            Quadern del Montgrí / Flute, Bb clarinet, C trumpet, violin, violoncello & piano

                                            Cinco poemas / Sax quartet, marimba & piano

                                            Chanson de Monique/ Accordion & string quintet

                                 Noche / String quintet

                                            Mestriana  / Clarinet en B b, Violin, violoncello & piano

                                            Piezas poéticas / Sax quartet                                        

                                 Tres pequeñas miradas de Polo / Sax quartet

                                            Seis interludios escénicos / String quartet

                                            Four poems lyrics / Viola & violoncello

                                            Little nice pieces / Two violins

                                            Petit nocturne noir / Three pianos

                                            Five little pieces  . / G flute, clarinet, violin & violoncello

                                            Nana roja / String quartet

                                            Berceuse et noir / Two harpsichords

                                            Black song / Flute, B clarinet & bassoon

                                            Kamarazene I / Flute, Bb clarinet, guitar, violin, viola & violoncello

                                            Kamarazene II / Flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello & double bass

                                            Kamarazene III / Flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, violin, viola & violoncello

                                            Kamarazene IV / Violin, violoncello & piano

                                            Kamarazene V / Flute, Bb clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello & piano

                                            Kamarazene VI "Canto amado" / Soprano, Bb clarinet & piano


             PIANO MUSIC

                                            Cantos / Piano                                 

                                            Sonatina / Piano                                

                                            Escenas de Mora / Piano

                                             Nocturno / Piano

                                            Segunda Sonata / Piano

                                            Egeria / Ballet for three dancers and two pianos                                              

                                            Castilla / Piano

                                                             - First book (1996)

                                                             - Second book (1997) 

                                            Pequeños Nocturnos / Piano 

                                            Il bosco di Giarianno / Piano

                                                             - Primo quaderno (1997)

                                                            - Secondo quaderno (1998)

                                             - Terzo quaderno (1998)

                                                            - Quarto quaderno (2000)

                                                            - Quinto quaderno (1998)

                                                             - Sesto quaderno (1998)

                                                            - Settimo quaderno (1998)            

                                            Nocturnos de Barataria / Piano

                                            Pieza de Fantasía / Piano

                                            Cuatro nocturnos / Piano

                                            Dos nocturnos de Acilu / Piano

                                            Aurgitana / Piano

                                            Cantos negros (12 pieces for piano)  / Piano solo

                                                            - Cantos negros nº1 (2006)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº2 (2016)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº3 (2015)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº4 (2008)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº5 (2008)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº6 (2007)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº7 (2014)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº8 (2016)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº9 (2016)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº10 (2015)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº11 (2016)

                                                            - Cantos negros nº12 (2016)

                                 Trois petites berceuses pour une chambre étoilée / Piano solo

                                            Nanas y habanera / Piano

                                            Petite pièce pour quatre mains / Piano 4 hands

                                 Petit nocturne noir . / Three pianos

                                 Siete poemas según Cuenca / Piano & actor



                                 Canto de Roosenary / Flute solo

                                            Tres piezas / Recorder 

                                 Canto para clarinete / Clarinet en B b solo

                                 Mirada de Polo y Vanriet / Clarinet en B b solo

                                 Canto breve / Bass clarinet en B b solo

                                            Canto escénico / Trombone solo

                                            Cançó de Bressol / Vibraphone

                                 Cantos para violín, 12 pieces for violin solo / Violin solo

                                 Canto azzurro / Viola solo

                                            Canto para Violoncello n.1, n2 & n.3 / Violoncello solo                                       

                                 Canto ausente / Violoncello solo

                                            Paseos / Guitar

                                            Trois bagatelles de nuit / Guitar 

                                            Perpetuum  / Accordion