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      José Zárate (1972), composer, pianist and European Doctor in Musicology by the Oviedo University, is considered by critics, musicologists and musicians to be one of the most significant new composers of Spanish music. Academician of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Toledo, Academician of the Royal Academy of Arts and Humanity of Cuenca, and the Spanish Music Academy, José Zárate not only holds a very active position in the Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) defending the rights of his fellow composers, but also gives lectures at University as a regular lecturer, as well as, during master degrees.

      Zárate has composed many works for symphonic orchestra, works for string orchestra, chamber music and pieces for choir. His piano compositions are many and outstanding and have been played all over the world.  As a performer, he has shown infinite talent in Spain, Italy and France. The Spanish National Radio (RNE) has recorded his complete collection of piano works, which also delighted the Madrid audience as they were played at the 11th edition (2010) of the International Piano Competition "Spanish Composers".

      Works for symphony orchestra (Madreliana, Alonso de Quijada, Cántico espiritual for soprano, mezzo, barítono, choir & orchestra, or the opera Trinoceria), string orchestra (Gabon, Sanchesca or Cinco piezas breves), chamber music (La casa roja, Cuarteto de cuerda, Cahier d´Amiens or Kamarazene I, II, III & IV), choir a capella (Ego flos campi, Lamentatio quarta & Zacharias), and for several instruments (Trois bagatelles de nuit, Piccolo pezzo nero,  Paseos for guitar, Cançó de Bressol for vibraphone, Tres piezas for recorder, Cantos para violoncello for violoncello solo), and his important piano music (six Cantos negros, Castilla, Nocturnos de Barataria and the seven books of Il bosco di Giarianno), have been performed in International Festival of Music in Europe (Spain, France, Suisse, Italy, Germany, etc.), in America (USA, Mexico, Canada, Chile, etc.), in Asia (Jordania, China, Japan, Russia, etc.) and in Africa (Marroco, Egipt, etc.). As pianist has played in several places of Spain, France and Italy. He has recorded all his Piano work for RNE (National Spanish Radio).

      His music has been performed by the most prestigious orchestras as the National Orchestra of Spain, the orchestra of the Spanish National Television (RTVE), Gran Canaria Philarmonic Orchestra, Extremadura Symphony Orchestra, Siberian Philarmonic Orchestra, Mexican Orchestra, the Greenwich String Quartet and other European symphonic orchestras, and choirs. Moreover, his piano pieces have been studied by some of the most prestigious pianists in Europe, Asia and America. Zárate’s works have been conducted by reknown conductors as Laszlo Heltay, Pedro Halffter, Christoph König, Adrian Leaper, Christopher Wilkins, César Álvarez, Álvaro Albiach and Thomas Rösner, among others.

        Zarate´s works are published by Wise Music Group Edition, and Zárate Ediciones.


1996.- National Award of San Fernando (Cádiz),

1996.- International Award “Tomás Luis de Victoria” of Seville

1996.- National Award “Flora Prieto” of Madrid

1996.- Prize of graduation

1996.- National AwardFrederic Mompou” of Barcelona

1996.- National Award Spanish Authors Society SGAE 1996

1997.- International Award of Murcia 1997

1997.- “Compositor joven del año” por las Juventudes Musicales de Cataluña

1998.- National Award Spanish Authors Society SGAE 1998

1998.- International Award “Valentino Bucchi” of Rome

1999.- International Award “Luis de Narváez” of Granada

1999.- International Award of Murcia 1999

1999.- 2 Europe AwardsChœur et Maîtrises de Cathédrales” of Amiens (France)

2000.- International AwardCamillo Togni” of Brescia (Italy).

2002.- Residence composer Youth Orchestra of Castilla-La Mancha

2002-04.- Residence composer Youth Orchestra of Madrid